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1989 Dodge B250 spark plugs

Just bought an '89 Dodge B250 camper van for a summer road trip. It has the 318 V8. Needs a lot of deferred maintenance, which I will leave to the pros. But I would like to replace the spark plugs myself, as well as the dist cap/rotor and plugs wires if needed. My question is: can the spark plugs be accessed by taking off the engine cover inside the cabin? Or do they have to be accessed from underneath, with the van on a lift?

Inside the cabin. If you are lucky . . .

Yeah you should be able to get them from inside if you pull the engine cover…

You’ll have to remove the dog house to do most of them. I believe a couple of them are accessed under the hood.

OK, thanks all.

If you can’t get them through the doghouse or from under the hood, try going through the wheel wells. You may have to remove a plastic or rubber splash shield, but that should be no big deal. They are usually held in place by friction fit plugs.

OK, thanks. Got the doghouse off by unbolting the hinges from the floor. What with the giant front seats in the way, I don’t see how the engineers expected that thing to tilt back…Any how, mission accomplished.

And that doghouse also explains why the oil was 2 qts low…pain in the arse to get at the oil filler cap…

Factory seats go back far enough to allow the engine cover to be removed. Custom seats, good luck.

There should be an oil fill tube under the hood about 2 feet long connected to one of the valve covers to add oil.

Camper conversion, so must be the custom seats interfering…Sawzall is called for…

Nevada, thanks, will look for that filler tube.