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Astro spark plugs

Gentlemen and women: How do change the spark plugs on a 1999 Astro van? Before I attempt it, I need a hint. Any help would be appreciated…!

You need a spark plug socket in the correct size, a reversible ratchet, and some extensions. Turn counter-clockwise to remove the old plugs. Apply anti-seize compound to the threads on the new plugs and install them. A torque wrench is handy for correct tightening of the plugs, but not absolutely necessary.


I like to put a bit of dielectric compound on the inside of the spark plug boots before pushing them down over the plugs.

If you’re asking “How do I reach the spark plugs,” I have no idea.

Also check that the electrode gap is correct on the new plugs.Owner’s manual is helpful for specifiactions regarding your specific plugs.

If it’s anything like the Ford Aerostar van, you gain access to the sparkplugs from under the hood, thru the wheel wells, and if it has one, thru that little doghouse cover inside the interior.


Here are several answers from several people who tackled this challenging job:

Probably a sticker on the core support(or close by)with plug gap

Ok, wise guys…Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear…by what method do I get to the spark plugs, through the wheel wells, under the hood, or through the interior of the van by removing the engine cover. What is the easiest way? I know there is no easy way but humor me…! ! ! !

Do you see that url? Go to that link and find out. There’s nobody kidding you. You can’t stand in one spot near the engine and change the spark plugs.

I made it easy for you.


I think you will get the front ones through the wheel wells and the rest by taking the engine cover off.

I have had these covers off many times (we had one campaign just to re-position the coil wire)you either had a long skinny arm or took the engine cover off.

Do you have leather seats? For me and espically with leather seats (they are fuller) I always removed the passenger seat,you have to do some wrestling to get the engine cover fully off and it was possible to damage the seat,at my Dealer you damage anything you pay the first $200.00,I took the seat out.

Its a little difficult to get to the top screws that hold the engine cover to the car body (a really long strong screwdriver works good) Like I said you dont have to take the seat out to get the cover out of the way,but it sure is easier.

Ok, now I get it…maybe I’ll have someone younger than me do the work, hopefully it’s done right !