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1989 Chevy s10

My truck may run ten minutes may run an hour, Trying to start it after it quits there doesn’t seem to be enough fuel coming out of the injector, I have replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter, Please help!!

What makes you think that there isn’t enough fuel coming out of the injector? Two problems immediately spring to mind: HEI module and fuel pump relay. Both are known to fail when they are hot and leave the car stranded. When the HEI module fails, it is pretty much like someone has turned off the igntion, and when the fuel pump relay, it will probably be more as if the car has run out of fuel.

Where Is this HEI module and the fuel pump relay you speak of? Thanks for your advice, It is much appreciated.

mr.josh sounds good to me. Here is a picture of one of those critters:,804386/vehicleId,1034102/initialAction,partProductDetail/store,1140/partType,00029/shopping/partProductDetail.htm The other critter should be under the hood, too…probably in a fuse / relay box. Look on the top, or underside, of the fuse / relay box lid. See it?

The HEI module is a crescent-shaped electronic device with several electrical terminals on it, and it’s attached to the bottom of your distributor (on the inside, below the rotor).

The fuel pump relay, as hellokit said, is under the hood somewhere. You might head to your public library and look for a service manual for this truck. They’ll probably have something that can describe these parts with photos.

Best of luck!