Chevy s10 fuel problem

I have an 88 chevy s10 4x4 and am haviung fuel delivery problems. I’ve replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter but still have no fuel getting to the engine. I’ve also checked that the outlet of the filter is producing fuel and it is. I’ve also added primer directly into the engine and it fires, but it won’t stay running past the burnoff…please help

p.s. it’s the 4.3 liter engine.

probably the injectors are worn out or fouled. try a cleaner and then add a few ounces of ATF – yes ATF – to the gas tank when you fill her up.

Have you checked for fuel at the fuel pressure check port? It’ll be a little schraeder valve (like the on your tires) that’ll either be on the fuel rail (if this is a multi-injector system) or somewhere else if it’s TBI. If pushing down on the center pin gives you a vigorous squirt of gas, you can work under the assumption that you have fuel pressure (though to be sure you’ll need a gauge).

On a fuel injected car, getting the gas to the engine is only part of what needs to happen. Like DialM says, it could be an injector, although if this is a multi-point FI system, it’s unlikely that they all would go at once. You’ll probably need a service manual to work through how the various sensors work-- there’s several of them that if they malfunction will lead to no or improper fuel delivery.

This sounds like even with the new pump your fuel pressure is still to low.

I have a pretty exhaustive repair manual, and I will try and give as much info as I can…
Here’s the TBI information:
The V6 and V8 engines use model 220 TBI unit.
The model 220 throttle body assembly consists of a fuel meter cover with a built in fuel pressure
regulator, a fuel meter body with 2 fuel injectors, a throttle body with 2 throttle valves, an Idle Air
Control (IAC) valve, and a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS).

one additional detail…I removed the bed of the truck to replace fuel pump rather that having to empty the tank. Also, I originally bought the truck and it was having frequent stalls, so I did a general tuneup including replacing spark plugs, wires, and replacing the ignition coil. It then continued in operating the same way. I then replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter and it worked fine with no issues at all in startup or in driving for over a month and then it suddenly stopped working one day. I then put the old fuel pump back in and it ran fine again for another couple of weeks, and then it just stopped again…all at once having never experienced any operational problems…I then replaced the fuel pump again yesterday and it has had no effect. So you think the fuel pressure check would be the next thing to check?

my 85 s10 4x4had a similar problem turned out to be kinked line above the tank