1989 Chevy Celebrity Wagon

My husband drives a 1989 Chevy Celebrity Wagon. He says it runs great but some times, for no apparent reason, it stalls when as he slows to a stop.

It starts right up again after the stop

Does anyone have a clue why this might be happening or how he can fix it?

Engine size? T.B.I. or F.I.? (Throttle body injection or Fuel Injected).

Consider adding a can of sea foam to 8 gallion of gas as it is a great cleaner. my olds was doing this and it stopped after driving the 8 gallions out.9

Sounds like a textbook example of a sticking Torque Convertor Clutch solenoid. It’s an electronic switch that solidly couples the engine to the transaxle as higher speeds to give better fuel economy, but if it doesn’t disengage, it stalls the engine kind of like not engaging the clutch in a manual transmission. This is a very common problem on the GM transaxles of this period, and it is a relatively easy repair that doesn’t require the removal of the transmission.

Fuel Injected

I agree. Sounds like a torque convertor not unlocking.

Common problem on this car.

I am afraid I don’t know the engine size but I will ask him tonite and let you know tomorrow.

Got it: V6 2.8 fuel injected motor sits sideways and it’s a front wheel drive

Hubby called a transmission shop. They told him to bring the car in and they would unplug the switch and then show him how to plug it back in in case that’s not it. Transmission shop also said that it was a common problem…Hope it works! Thanks so much for the info

After having the TCC solenoid unplugged for a while, it seemed like the problem was fixed. Then the weather got real sloppy, snowy and wet and the car seemed to act up again. He plugged the TCC solenoid back in, the car quit unexpectedly again. He called the dealer (who I don’t trust because they charged us $150 to tell us nothing was wrong with his last car, a Chevy Caprice. It was doing the same thing!). He talked to a mechanic who admitted he thought the TCC solenoid was the problem. He told him to unplug it and quit using ethanol (the transmission guy told him the same thing). Greasy Jack-do you have any ideas why the Celebrity wagon seems to act up some time when the weather is nasty?

Maybe there are 2 separate problems. Unplugging the convertor seemed to cure one problem.

Now that it’s wet outside you have a different problem. Probably a ignition wire problem.