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1989 Buick LeSabre - New gas filter was not the problem

I put a new gas filter on and it still want start

You need to figure out why it won’t start. What prompted you to replace the fuel filter? Are you sure it’s not getting gas? And if it’s not getting gas it could just as easily be the fuel pump. Or it could be something else altogether.

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The 3.8 engine’s timing chain was prone to fail at about 200,00 miles in normal driving. An experienced mechanic can usually recognize a jumped timing chain on those engines after hearing a few seconds of cranking. And often before the chain jumps the cam angle sensor fails due to iron dust accumulating on the magnetic tip of the trigger mounted in the cam timing gear. Likewise the crank timing sensor fails by the time 200,000 miles are reached. Jumping the assembly line data link will give you codes which often help. You need to do some investigating in a shop manual or at Alldata or Mitchell on line.

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