1989 Buick 3.3 V6 stalls

I have a 1989 Buick Century 3.3 V6 ( 3 speed trans. ).140,000 mi.

The eng. power will cut off when rev. to 2000 to 4000 rpm. Both parked or driving, HOT or COLD

Until the problem starts the car has good power, ( 10 to 30 MPH )

With a voit meter on a fuel injecter the curent will stop, then the power stops. Before

the eng. stops rotating there is still spark to the plugs, and still fuel pressure to the

fuel rail,( 42 psi KOEO & 35 psi KOER). And voltage still going from the TPS. ( 0.50 V throttle

closed, to 4.9 V throttle open full)

I have changed the main computer, the crankcase /cam position sensor, the throttle

position sensor, the coil pack,the fuel filter. The catalytic converter is clean and intact.

The oil pressure light works, and goes out when the eng. starts.

On this car the fuel injecters are Muti-Port (NOT Sequential). This car has no EGR valve.

All vacuum hoses check good,( there are only a few ). The check eng. light works. But no

bad codes show up.

Please Help, Thank You Hal

Crazy as it sounds, have you replaced your ignition switch? Heck, you’ve replaced darn near everything else.give it a try.
Also, make sure your plug wires are new & seated properly.
They may LOOK like they’re on tight, but-they may just be
loose enough to lose contact when you rev the engine.
Just a thought.

I had an '89 with the 3800. Does yours have an ignition module under the coil pack? Mine blew 2 coil packs before I got wise.

I just submitted the same question about my 1989 Buick Electra. May I ask, was it the ingition swith?

thank you,