1989-2000 Ford Windstar Van Fatalities!

Speaking for OK only, the state passed a law about a dozen years ago that forbids anyone from accessing any VIN or license plate information. Law enforcement agencies are the only ones who can access this.

There’s an 800 number for the OK Tax Commission that handles auto registration. One call to this number (been there, done that) leads to a taxpayer funded call center in Pakistan or India. The people there barely speak any intelligible English and even they are blocked from accessing any info like this, much less less providing it to the caller.

This would still take an astronomical amount of man-hours and expense to do even if the info was provided.

Note that in those Fed. regulations they also refer (in a nutshell) to the fact that tracking people down may be difficult or impossible.
They refer to making a good faith effort about public notices and posting Recall info at the point of sale of the vehicle, which means the dealer who sells that type of vehicle of course.