1988 Jeep Cherokee Shakes Violently!?!

I can always feel a Slight wobble coming from the front left tire area. A mechanic told me that it was probably caused by a warped rotor. I replaced the brake pads and rotors and still have the same issue. If i attempt to drive the truck faster then 45 mph it starts to shake violently. i’m not talkin’ about a slight little shake here i’m talkin’ the truck feels as if it’s about to tear apart. The truck can be controlled during this shaking but barely. I’m assuming it has something to do with the front end but i’m not sure what should be replaced or what to even look for. Any help would be appreciated.

It’s also 4 wheel drive if that makes any difference.

Search the internet for Jeep “death wobble”. There is plenty of information on it. Primary cause is worn suspension/steering components. And, at 20 years old, you certainly will have these.

Tires are the first item that comes to mind. Even if they are new. If you feel it at low speeds too I would have them checked as well. An inspection of front end components would defintely reveal any mechanical component problems. Look at all joints closely. You will find some loose parts. It is possible that your steering sector housing is loose. Very dangerous condition you are expressing there. Check the tires. Tires can cause this condiditon with no visible clues.

I had a 1996 Jeep that shook at about 45 mph. It was the front u-joint on the drive shaft that runs from the transfer case to the front chunk on the drive axle. It didn’t have to be in 4 wheel drive to make it shake either. I had the tires , bearings and everything else checked. One mechanic wanted to replace the complete front axle @ about $600.00 b/4 I finally found someone who knew what they were doing.