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1988 Jeep Cherokee limited

I got a 1988 jeep cherokee limited and the pcv valve keep popping out, When i take it out it shake’s so it’s not bad what could it be, also my pcv valve is on top of my motor, any help please and thank you.

Tired of putting it back in and then it pops out.

Your pcv valve could be plugged, try replacing it, if it still pops out try replacing the grommet it fits into. If these don’t work it sounds like very worn piston rings causing a lot of blow by. Try wiring it down to the valve cover bolts.

Yes, it sounds like you have a pressure buildup in the crankcase, a sure sign of a plugged PCV system (valve and/or hose).

Thank Yall For The Help, I replaced the pcv valve yesterday which was cheap only a $1.99 + Tax

Also dont look like it’s blowing out now, but wen i wen’t to o’reilly’s they checked it out saying it was good but i was like i’m buy one see what happens and aint poped out yet damn o’reilly’s are dumb that’s why i like autozone.

Is this a 4.0l inline 6? In 88 they didn’t have a “valve”. It was just a metered orifice that plugs into the valve cover, so there are no internal guts to rattle. I’d check the vent side (the hose coming from the airbox). If that’s plugged, it can cause the pcv to pop out.

“O’Reillys are dumb”, that’s why you like Autozone? So are the Autozone employees better trained than the O’Reillys employees? I didn’t realize one chain was better than another as far as their personnel.

One chain could absolutely be better because of its employees. His mistake was he didnt talk to o’reillys. He talked to an employee

The corporate model for retail counter personnel is grim. The HR manuals are quite impressive in their jingles and legalese but the unwritten sentiment is “a monkey could be trained to cover the counter so wear them out and let them go.” Fate, and the desperate economy, offer some hope that a qualified person is in the store when you visit but he/she may be in the office. An old friend here worked 30+ years in a local mom and pop store that was sold out. He went to work for a chain for $11.00 an hour with no benefits, works every Saturday and most Sundays and cuts yards to make ends meet. And they call this progress.

As an O’Reilly, I take offense at that. :slight_smile: