1988 Honda Prelude


Hey my Lude is running really really rough in the crazy Utah weather - one day it is hot, one day it is very cold. There is a lot of shaking and vibrating involved, and it even shakes the steering wheel. I have a PGM-FI programmed fuel injected motor from a newer car. The shaking tends to come and go. Is this associated with the temperature control valve? If so, where is it located? I looked in a Chilton and didn’t have much luck.


What year and size engine do you now have in your car now?


A four cylinder, fuel injected PGM-FI, I think it is a 1990 motor. Thanks so much!


2.0 Liter, sorry


When you changed out your engine did you replace plugs, plugwires, rotor and distributor cap? Has this done this every since the engine swap? Are you getting any CEL? If so get your codes pulled and it will probably tell you were to start at on diagnosing this problem.

If you don’t already have one you may want to buy a good repair manuel. It should show you how to pull these codes and how to test the sensor.

If your new engine hasn’t had a tuneup then I think that is where I would start first if you don’t have any CEL. Pull one of your sparkplugs and check the gap. It should be between 0.039?0.043 in. if over this spec then change out all plugs. If these plugs are platium plugs they say to not try to adjust the spark gap just replace them.

Don’t think it makes a diffrence but did you also swap out the ECM incase there are some diffrence in sensor readings after your engine swap. If not and you can still get it you might try replaceing it if all the above suggestions don’t work.

Did your original engine have a carb? If it did then you diffently need to change out the ECM. You will also need to get ECM wiring schematics for both the year of car you have and also the year of engine you installed to make sure the ECM is wired exactly the same.

You may want to check to see if your timing is correct also.