1988 honda civic part identification+timing belt

Back with some issues on my 1999 honda civic lx. With the help from a family member I got a new head gasket put on yesterday. I also went ahead and added a few other small things I needed. I do have a few issues before I can have the car back to running though. We believe that when we put the timing belt back on we knocked it out of time. We made marks before removing the parts but throughout the day our marks rubbed off and it just ended up being a huge problem. Anyone have experience with getting a timing belt readjusted? Any tips or pointers would be great. Another issue we had was a wire that goes into the engine underneath the distributor. The bolt was stripped so getting it off was a task and it ended up breaking. Basically I can pay to replace this but I have no idea what it actually is so I was hoping to get some help identifying this. Tried posting a picture but cant from my phone. Im hoping its some sort of temperature sensor because when I turn my car on (not cranking it, just turning the key over) the temperature immediately goes all the way up to max even though the car hasnt ran in several days.

Any and all help is appreciated!

If it’s the one I’m thinking you’re talking about, yes, it’s a coolant temperature sensor.

Did you not rotate to TDC when you started the timing belt job? If you didn’t do that, you’re in for a much harder job now.

How far off do you think you got the timing? Based on your post, I might suggest you bite the bullet and have the car towed to a professional. If you screw up the timing belt install, you will bend your valves and end up costing yourself a lot more than it will cost to just have the job done by a pro.

There are alignment marks on crank sprocket and the cam sprocket.