1988 Honda Accord mystery lever

I’m not sure what this lever does, but it’s underneath the steering wheel and doesn’t seem to do anything. It’s not tilt steering, so I’m a little stumped. Anyone know what it does or goes to??



Some cars allow the steering wheel to be pulled closer to the driver or pushed back closer to the dash. Is that it?

Of course if you had the owner's manual ......

It IS for tilt, it works like a locking device . . . you loosen it (Pull down) then adjust the steering wheel (the whole steering column actually) then push it back up to tighten it. The whole steering cloumn will move to fit the driver, not just the wheel. This lever is the device which loosens it then locks it back up At least it is on my '89 Accord and my Wife’s 95 Civic. Page 21 of the Owners Manual calls it a lever for Tilt Steering. Rocketman