I have a 1985 Camaro z28. The car starts fine but after driving the car around and turning it off. It will not re start just clicks does even turn over. Battery good and its charging. But if the car sits over night the car will start right up. It has done this many times. Could it be the starter getting hot? Thanks

Side mount battery cables?

If so, replace the positive battery cable assembly for starters.


Yes, side mount

Check the cables for tightness and corrosion. Your starter may also be failing when it gets “heat soaked” This is pretty common and means you have a new starter in your future.

There is a trick to overcome an overheated starter. Keep a jug of water in your car. If you have this problem restarting, slowly pour the water over the starter.

If this method works for you, use it to get to the parts shop to pick up a new starter.