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I drive a 1988 Chevy blazer, which is still in good shape believe it or not. The problem I’m having however is the engine just shutting down completely after I get off of driving on a highway for about an hour. I lose ALL power steering and power breaks, and the truck refuses to start right away. After waiting about 30 seconds it starts up again. I also must mention that the thermostat reads maximum heat levels when it shuts down, but after I restart it goes back down to normal.

What’s going on?!

Full size or S10 blazer?

A bad ignition module will cause this. While you are cruising on the highway the air flow through the engine compartment is enough to keep the module cool. Once you slow down the under hood temp increases and can cause a bad module to act up.

It’s an s10

Your comment about the temperature sensor indication while the trouble is occuring is an interesting note. See if the oil pressure gauge does that also. The vehicle has a oil pressure switch that will shut the engine down if the oil pressure is low or there is a problem with the switch itself. If there is a faulty ground connection to the engine it may be causing the trouble also.