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1987 Olds Firenza

Automatic - 4 cylinder…Can’t get out of park…Any suggestions beside buy another car?

Nope…(just kidding)

Is the shifter column or floor mounted?

If you do not use the PARKING BRAKE consistently, the weight of the vehicle (when shifter in PARK) hangs on the PARKING PAWL and if this gets bent it will jam the shifter.

I explained all this in a previous post to someone else yesterday ago on this forum. Posted Feb.25/'09 ‘power train stuck in park’

Thanks…Its on the floor…I can’t seem to be able to push in the button that releases the shifter from park.

You will have to enlist the help of some able body person to try and rock the vehicle backwards a little to unload the prawl whilst attempting to shift the trani.
out of park.

Isn’t there an access hole in the front portion of the console where you can open a cap and stick a screwdriver down to release the shifter?