1987 Dodge Ram Van - engine rebuilt but has issues

Precision is not exactly the watchword when it comes to assembly line engine building.

There used to be a huge engine building facility in OK City and they had an outlet near where I live. The 2 engines I installed (both Chevy 350s) had major problems. One of them burned oil at the rate of 1 quart per 10 miles. Seriously. It was finally determined that the builders had ommitted the oil control rings on all 8 cylinders.
Disgruntled employee or sheer incompetence; I have no idea. Or both.

They used to run ads in the Daily Oklahoman Help Wanted section. “Engine builders needed. No experience necessary. Seven dollars an hour to start”.

Think you’re going to get a good motor with an ad like that??? No one in that facility is going to (or even know how…) to check piston and ring clearances. crank end play, crank bearing oil clearances, valve/seat fit, or anything else. Slap 'em together like Lego blocks and run 'em out the door.

Forgot to install the control rings on all 8 pistons? Well, at least they were consistent … lol … :slight_smile:

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