1986 Honda Accord Just purchased only 66,000 miles

I just bought this car from the original owner and it has only 66,000 miles on it. She drove it around all this time but not more than 3000 miles a year. It runs well but I want to have it checked out so I can drive farther than just in my local without worries. What should I consider asking a mechanic to check/repair/replace to maximize the cars use and safety.? I don’t

I would look at a 60K or 90K service and see what those items consist of. Need to confirm and if necessary change out the timing belt, water pump and tensioners, due to age. Check out brakes, all coolant hoses, accessory belts. Do a tune up - plugs, air filter, gas filter if not in the fuel pump or costly, PCV valve. Confirm tires are OK, or just get four new ones; get four wheel alignment. Change out auto trans fluid.

I’m sure there’s more, but this is a start.

Thanks! I will start with that for sure. I am looking forward to many miles ahead.