1986 Honda Accord Engine Stall

I have a 1986 Honda Accord with 170K miles on it. The engine will stall within the first 1-2 mile during the hot weather. It happens when I have it parked at home or at work for more than 8 hrs during the hot days. When it stalls, it is like it cannot come out of the 2nd gear. I can continue to step on the accelerator and will hear one or 2 popping sound before it rev back up again.

When running it in hot weather, the Prog FI light will also come on. With the light ON, the engine will idle at a much higher RPM when I put it in park.

Any suggestions is welcome.

get the code read first. It looks like you are either losing fuel or spark, both can be heat related. For instance a failing fuel pump will often work when cold but fail when hot. Like wise a coil or igniter will sometimes send spark when cold but fail when hot. so when it stalls out, get out, open the hood,pull off one ignition wire, hold it close to a metal part on the engine, and with the trany in park, and the hand brake on, have your passenger try to start the car. There should be a bright blue spark jumping from the wire to the metal. If not, or it you have a yellow spark, you have an ignition problem, if so, you have a fuel delivery problem. generally speaking that is, and the results of this simple test will make you look more knowledgable when you tell it to your mechanic.