1986 Ford Lariat

My Ford Lariat wont start for some reason. when i turn the key nothing happens. The engine doesnt even make sound. I’ve been told it could be the solenoid, the battery, and the ignition switch. I want to make sure i do the right one. Which one is it?

Since it’s YOU doing the work, check the battery for 12.5 volts at least. A fully charged one is supposed to be 12.6 but if the battery isn’t new, it could be lower than that. Then check and clean the battery terminals by disconnecting and cleaning the contact surfaces.

Then check for current with a trouble light from the small wire at the solenoid with the ignition switch held in the crank (turning the starter position) If the light comes on, change the solenoid which is usually on the inner fender.

The solenoid is relatively inexpensive, so I used to keep an extra one. I had some Fords back then. No sound at all is usually dirty battery terminals or bad solenoid.

Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it.