1986 Eldorado

I have a 1986 Eldorado Cadillac . The dash board lights go out from time to time .I hear a clicking sound and my Hi -beam lights will work some times . My back up light stop working and I checked everything out.Is there a relay some where I don’t know about . Help please

Fuses are a good place to start. All light circuits on a car run through fuses. Check your owner’s manual for location of fuse boxes. Back up lights are activated by a switch when the gear lever is moved to R. After 23 years, these electrical components need replacing.

Many auto parts stores will check your battery and charging systems for free. I suggest you take advantage of their offer.

The clicking you hear could be an automatic circuit breaker tripping and resetting. Pull circuit breakers one at a time to isolate faulty circuit (or look in manual for breaker location) and replace breaker. If replacing breaker doesn’t work, look for short in wiring.

Make sure that the breaker has the correct current rating (it could have been replaced with a low current breaker) … check the manual.

If you can locate the main fuse block, remove it from its mounting and turn it over and inspect the back side for meltdowns…You haven’t, by chance, installed high-wattage head-light bulbs have you??