1986 Chevrolet Van - Reliable?

is the 86 350 TBI engine 5.7 liter reliable?

Your asking if an old engine is reliable , only by have a mechanic look at it will give some idea if that particular engine is. And then it is still possible for problems.
Why are you asking ? Do you have one or thinking of buying one.

We are looking at buying one. It has 78K miles and from talking to the owner is in excellent condition and runs well. It has the 4x4 Quigley conversion. I can’t find a lot of information on that engine so was just curious if it had a good reputation.


GM put thousands of 350 V8 motors in vehicles . I don’t know where you are but that seems like a really high price for a 1986 G20 .

Actually more like millions. The Gen 1 engine in that van is based on a design first offered in 1955.

I would go into this deal doubting the van has only 78K. And it has had aftermarket stuff installed… usually a red flag.

And SOMEone is smoking crack that came up with that asking price, IMHO.

And what else would one think the seller would say ?