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should be a pretty simple explanation id guess 85 chevy guy i bought it from if i d decide to buy says its a 305 he put in it step dad thinks its a 307 oldsmobile engine and a friend thinks 350 lol … prob is slight knockin and carb blows back we adjusted the valves and carb stopped blowing back sounded way better but valve 1 was still loose he didnt like it so when we went back to tighten that one carb started blowing back again worse than ever hard to tell how to set the valves then hearing so many different things cam shaft, lifters valve or cylinder the guy i may be buying it from keeps sayin its the carb and valves just need adjusting pretty sure thats wrong step dad said wrist pin is makin the slight knock any ideas and what would 85 chevy be worth in that condition? the “knock” is separate from the carb blowing back not what youd really call a knock though just5 seems like its hittin too hard

I am going to go way out on a limb here and guess that you have a worn-out cam among many other things. If you don’t know the history of this engine, I would assume the worst, and would be hesitant to dig into that engine at all unless the rest of the vehicle is worth completely rebuilding the engine. By my pessimistic reasoning, the vehicle is worth whatever the body and tranny are worth sans engine.

Clearly the problem is with the shift key. Riverside? Sacramento? If you haven’t bought this vehicle yet, walk away. Otherwise, get it to a highschool graduate as soon as possible, and part it out.

Somewhere, an English teacher just keeled over.

Help Me Make Sure I’ve Got This Right Before I Answer.

[list]There shoud be a simple explanation.[/list]
[list]There’s this 85 Chevy pickup. [/list]
[list]It’s for sale. [/list]
[list]You’re considering purchasing it. [/list]
[list]The engine is for sure either a 305, 307, 350, Oldsmobile, or Chevrolet engine. [/list]
[list]The engine’s messed up somehow and blowing back and knocking. [/list]
[list]Some guy adjusted the valves and now it’s worse. [/list]
[list]The knock is separate from the “blowing back”. [/list]
[list]The knock isn’t really a knock, just more like it’s “hittin too hard”. [/list]
[list]The question is, " . . . any ideas and what would 85 chevy be worth in that condition?" [/list]



You just might be correct in your interpretation, but in the meantime, I have notified the folks who write the Guinness Book of World Records that we have a new candidate for World’s Longest Run-on Sentence.


haha i know just faster to type… but left the truck with the same guy. he got the valves set. carb isnt blowing back anymore. its running great not sluggish like it was but… we noticed maybe a vacuum leak? if you cover a hole on the carb it sounds like id think it should. seems to have more power and all but we couldnt find a hose that wasnt either capped off or running to somewhere (maybe wrong place though?) that said for now… not hittin hard like it was. but if it loosens back up cam shaft for sure? history of the engine is he got it out of a junkyard so who knows. tran is good, body ok. said hed knock off 200 if i have to replace cam shaft in which case id go ahead and do lifters and timing chain since its all opened up. so 1500$ lowest hell go it sounds like. thinkin thats about 500-200 high? i mean for now its running great so… but heres the thing im payin him off 100$ a month. money situations and things like that in consideration ill only need liability etc… valves have been tuned b4 and loosened back up i do know that. friend says thatd be the cam shaft? a lobe or somethin… another question would be is the wrist pin idea eliminated now that valves were tuned and the slight knock and blow back from carb went away? all i can think of for now and will know more from driving it if it is the cam shaft wearing right? sorry not grammatical lol did the periods atleast help? if not i mean i can sit here and really think about what im typing… just glad for the help =) ty