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Trouble in Tudour

I have this beautiful 1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Tudor with only 76k. I went to start it one day after it has been sitting for maybe 3 months and the gas pedal is down to the floor but it is idling normally. I can’t seem to pull it back up, or push it in. Also I haven’t a clue where the throttle is on this car. It’s a 302 4.9L SO V8

I’m concerned since I love this car and I wish to have it running free on the highway again soon.

check the throttle cable for extreme wear or breakage

I’d guess the throttle cable has broken. You need this year or even a book several years later to learn how to fix the problem. It’s not hard but it is best described by the book. The replacement part for an 87 Ford may be your first hurdle.