1986 Toyota Camry - Reliable car now has this issue

My 86 Camry has 158k miles on it and starts great and runs fine. About a month ago I was driving it in the rain for the first time since I had it and it randomly dies on me. Wouldn’t start up until the next day when it was dry out and now every time it rains it cranks over and starts then you can hear the engine slowly lose power till it dies. Only does it when it rains I’ve replaced the distributor and spark plug wires, new ignition coil and got a new battery and it still does it. Any idea what it could be? Any help is appreciated thanks!:v:

Has the air intake been modified? Possible the air filter is getting wet.
Or maybe the rain is causing a problem with the fuel pump wiring circuit.

You say you replaced the distributor, did that include changing the distributor cap? If not, change it.

Air intake has never been modified and the air filter is a little dust but stays dry I can check the fuel pump wiring circuit. Yes the distributor cap is new

I’d start it up and go at it with a spray bottle with water.