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1985 Ford Bronco

when starting the truck, the ignition does not turn back to the run position on it’s own. we have replaced the ignition cylinder with no positive results. any one have any suggestions? thanks.


The spring back function is in the ignition switch. Plus, sometimes if the 'tween linkage is broken, it will bind.

before i get into taking the column apart, do i have to take the ignition switch apart? how easy is to replace the spring?

NAPA has a replacement switch complete for $20. If your going to tear down to the switch, just replace it.

The spring is inside the switch. Once the switch is apart, it is broken. Most times, you remove the four shear (brass) bolts, the column moves downward, you remove the switch and replace it. The end of the rod goes in the slot on the switch. Too easy to replace the switch.