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1985 Cadillac Eldorado and Acceleration Issue

Had the chance to drive a clean 85 Eldorado Biarritz today. What a beautiful car! The car is all original and has a rebuilt HT4100 engine. I have always heard that engine was not enough to power this model, and I experienced that today. The car “labored” to enter the freeway as I depressed the accelerator. It did accelerate, but there was a slight labor popping sound – nothing metallic – just a very light popping noise as I depressed the accelerator hard. It stopped as the car gained highway speed - the car ran and rode beautifully then. It also has no noise or issue during in-town driving. It’s the acceleration. Is this a normal feature for this car? Thanks

Maybe a faulty accelerator pump in the carb. Perhaps a weak spring.

The car is NOT all original. It has a rebuilt HT4100 engine, you said that yourself, and you didn’t like the acceleration.

Why are you even thinking about buying this car?

Move on, and find something that runs correctly.

I don’t know why you prefer these 80’s pimp-mobiles, but that seems to be where you’re concentrating your attention.

Good luck, but don’t buy a car that doesn’t run right. You’ll have nothing but trouble.

I stated “original” in reference to all the other aspects of the car – meaning that the owner has made an effort not to change the interior, upgrade options, etc. As for my car preferences, I guess we all have our favorites. I like this model (85 Eldorado) and have avoided buying one for years because of my concern about the 4.1 engine. I just want a car for weekend cruising. This is a hobby for me - not a daily driver purchase. What I am seeking is feedback on the performance of this car. If the engine indeed is truly underpowered – and if this underpowering could result in a labor-knock or slight noise during acceleration - then I want to know so I can determine if this is an issue to expect – or one to question. The car runs beautifully and quietly at all other times – just the noise during on-ramp or intense acceleration and then no noise. I am just asking for help from those who may have had experience with these cars. Just need advice. Thanks