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1985 Benz 300D

210,000 miles. Should I have the valves adjusted? What is best way to improve milage? What would a “Tune Up” on and old Benz diesel consist of?

Adjusting the valves is one of the first things you should consider. When was it last done?

While the is no vibration or shimmy in the steering wheel I can feel a “shift” of some sort in the front end when I turn a corner. Would anyone care to offer up a possible solution or diagnosis before I spend more money than I have trying to chase down.

Have the motor mounts checked.

Really? Would never have thought of that.

You need to find a good independent MB mechanic, pay them to go over your car and come up with a list, then decide what needs to be done. 30 year old cars can have lots of things go wrong.

Thanks, Will do.