Mercedes diesel

does anyone have any advice pro or against a Mercedes 300 cd turbo diesel coupe from 1983-1985

If you have to ask, don’t buy it. It’s old, probably tired, parts are expensive, and you may need them often.

While I would not mind owning one, I would want want it (a 30 year old car) to be my primary transportation.

Find a Benz diesel forum, they will have lots of info on these. And JEM, I think you’re missing a ‘not’ after ‘would’.

Right. Before the ‘want want’. Or instead of the first ‘want’.

Fortunately, my typng is ner purfect.

I have had old cars for many years, used a 1987 Avanti II as my last daily driver. I only put about 1M miles a year on these cars and am fascinated with getting a diesel that I can convert to biofuel. These old Mercedes 300 CD turbos look great, have lots of comfort features and would fit in great in my garage with my 1950 Stude starlight coupe ( the bullet nose). I was just looking for info from someone that may have one or known someone who did.

Benz owners depend on people like royman to take their junk off their hands…Royman, you are a very important part of the “Classic” car market…Keep up the good work!

It’s amazing that people who have nothing to offer feel that it is their business to comment. Pal, you wouldn’t know an interesting car from a can opener. Try keeping anything on the road for 500M miles like a diesel Mercedes.

If you have enough MONEY you can keep ANYTHING on the road for EVER…I owned a 300D Benz…At 245K it was run-out junk…

OK I give up, clearly there is nothing to be gained on the site except idle nonsense so I will unsubscribe

I suppose the OP has already left with his nose out of joint, but just in case he checks back in, there used to be a guy on this forum named Craig who had a couple of early '80s Mercedes diesels. He used them for long distance travel and daily drivers all the time. He was a bit anal about repair and maintenance, replacing anything that was even just slightly marginal, but he was successfully using his.

If you use the search function and enter “Craig58” as the search term you’ll find several threads talking about the very subjects you asked about.

You really should try to find a Mercedes diesel specific forum.

I’ve had SEVERAL older Benz cars, both diesel and gas. I currently own a. '89 300E. The engines and transmissions were excellent. The things that went bad were usually electrical, like heater controls or window switches. ALL Benz parts are expensive, and most are dealer only unless you have a good European salvage yard on retainer.

The highest documented mileage car I’ve ever sat in was a 300D turbo at 487K and counting. I’m sure it took a lot of $$ to get it there, but it was an inspiration.

If you want a good older car to run on bio-diesel, I’d say go for it.

ROYMAN, if you’re no longer in love with your Avanti II, you can ship it to me.

But note that it had 245K.