1984 s10 blazer with a 2.8 v6 engine


this blazer will not spark so the engine will not run changed distributor module,cap,rotor,coil and wire, ignition switch,and computor. and this will not make it run.


will not run because of no spark at the plugs


You need a complete distributor.


michael i changed the whole distributor still not running


Did you replace the entire distributor housing or just the removable module inside the cap?


Here’s a question… is the distributor rotor even turning? I’m thinking broken timing chain…


On this engine, I believe the distributor is driven by the oil pump, so a broken timing chain wouldn’t stop it from turning. But there are other internal issues that could.

If you haven’t already done so make sure the rotor is actually turning. I’m assuming you’ve actually tested for spark and found none, as opposed to having just ruled out fuel and compression? If you just ruled out fuel and compression, you need to check to see if spark is being generated; if it is, you need to set the base timing by the taking out the #1 plug method.

If you do indeed have no spark being generated and have replaced the whole distributor assemby, ignition module and all, I’d say you should get a multimeter and check for power at the ignition module and check for resistance at the coil and make sure all the electrical connections and wiring between the module and the coil.


Nah, it’s just a 2.8, it’s got a cam-driven distributor just like any other GM V6. The oil pump is driven by the distributor, maybe that’s what you’re thinking of.


The oil pump is driven by the distributor which is driven by the cam shaft which is driven by the crank via the timing chain. If the chain breaks the cam won’t turn, the distributor won’t turn and the oil pump won’t turn.


Oh, er, yes… I suppose I knew that if I thought about it…


You need to verify that you’re getting battery power AT the distributor, both with the key in the RUN and START positions.

Maybe the ignition switch has wheezed its last.