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Swapping between two distributers make my blazer start

My full size chevy blazer has a funny problem. You can go out and start it cold and she will turn over and run beautifully. When you shut of the engine after that the motor won’t turn over til you take the distributer,cap, and rotor off and replace it with the spare.Then she will fire right up again…til you turn off the engine and repeat the process. keep in mind this is done with the same two distributors over and over again. also she will run great for hour days or just minutes before she will start acting like she is going to die at stops and intersectons. Please help we are out of ideas and I love this vehicle so much. all the sensors, fuel pump, spark plugs steering columb and ecm have been replaced.

First, you say that the motor won’t “turn over” - do you mean that you turn the key and nothing happens? Or do you mean that it will crank and crank and crank but not actually fire up? (Turn over = crank).

Assuming that it is cranking, I think that you swapping the distributors is spurious and the real thing going on that allows it to start again is the passage of time. I’d guess that you’re looking at something like an ignition component (coil, control module or something) that is getting heat soaked, and/or maybe a faulty fuel pressure regulator or fuel injector flooding the engine when it is off.

During one of these no start episodes have you ever checked for spark?

Is the entire distributor replaced??? Or just the cap and rotor?

Full-size Blazer means something along the year model of 1985 or so?. It is best to modify these Blazers so as that the big terminal at the solenoid is not used as a buss point and the only time power goes down to the starter is for cranking. The goal here is an attempt to eliminate as many places for voltage drops to happen as possible.