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1984 Plymouth Reliant Quit on Road - Hours Later OK

Scenario - After driving about an hour at very low speeds (30 - 35 mph) on a warm day (~82F) (possibly cool/cold too, but it has only happened twice over the past 10 years and both days were warm) in a pleasant rural setting, the engine runs rough for about 2 seconds and quits. It cannot be re-started and there is NO hint of ANY ignition in any cylinder.

The first time this happened years ago, I had it towed to a garage. They made a “repair” and it has worked fine ever since. (The repair was a new ignitor. I now strongly suspicion that it had nothing to do with the problem.)

The same thing happened yesterday, I “enjoyed” a long, long walk to get a car that worked, (then had supper, etc.) and drove back to the scene. Tried it one more time (alternately no throttle - full throttle). After 30 - 60 seconds of this and milliseconds from giving up, it started and ran perfectly 6 miles to home.

What happened?

I have a new theory, but I don’t want to muddy the water.

As a side question, what components make up an ignitor? What is there typical lifespan? Do they have any failure mode that would be cured by time or cooling?

The car is over 25 year old, and eligible for historic plates. Make Lee Iaccoca proud.

If it is a no spark problem I would lean towards bad wire or dirty connector.
The only way to fix is to find an honest repair guy and pay him to follow wires for ignition and check and unplug and clean all connectors.
Yes it may cost 1 hour labor but it beats throwing parts at it and they do not work.