1984 ford ranger 4*4, V6 auto



1984 ford ranger 4*4, V6 automatic / has a carburetor (this is what cars and trucks had before fuel injection :slight_smile:

We are stumped :slight_smile: we have this old truck and it runs. Only problem is when not moving and you put the truck from “park”§ to “drive”(D), it stalls? The only way to get it to not stall is give it gas when shifting from park to drive (which by the way creates a bad problem of launching the truck into traffic) thank you for any help



I would start by checking all the vacuum lines and connectors. Replace all that are cracked or broken, which could be all of them. You may fix the problem and not even know how you did it.


Questions first. Does it idle fine in PARK or NEUTRAL?
If so, what is the approx. idle rpm when not in gear?


nope after i it runs for a few min it dies


It sounds like a idle adjustment.

When the choke clears and the throttle comes off the fast idle cam there is a base idle adjustment that needs to be checked. There should be a screw on the linkage for this adjustment.

I can’t be more specific since it has been many years since I worked on a vehicle with a carb.