1984 Chev Scottsdale - Rebult engine was running fine but wont start now

The gauge shows 1/4 of a tank of gas. If gas is poured into the carborator the truck will start briefly as long as the gas is put into it. I dont know if the gauge is reporting correctly or not. Could this be a problem with the fuel pump or could it be that the tank is empty? Is there something like to tube that can be put into the gas tank to determine if there is gas in the tank?

How long was the car sitting?

If it hasn’t been sitting too crazy long, why not add a couple of gallons to the tank to see if it keeps running with that? That way you know you have gas in the tank so that could not be the issue, if it doesn’t start, and move on to the fuel pump, etc.

those trucks are bad about the gas gauge being off sometimes really bad if your pouring gas straight in to the carb and it will start then you have a fuel delivery problem i would start first by pouring about 5 gallons of gas in to the tank and pour gas in the carb like you have been doing and see if it stays running this may take two or three times till it sucks enough gas to the carb if that does not work check the filter in the front of the qaud where the fuel line enters the carb i have seen them stop up and it will act like it is out of gas if that is not your prob then you will need a new fuel pump but i would bet 5 dollars the filter in the carb is stoped up

DO THIS…pull the feed line out of the fuel pump…put a piece of hose on the inlet nipple of the pump…and the other end in a small gallon container of fresh gas…prime the carb and start it up…run fine? Fuel gauge is wonky…OR you may have an issue pulling fuel from your tank…from a fuel line issue, a non venting gas cap or an obstruction… Pretty easy to suss this out.

If it doesn’t run with my aux tank…then its at the carb… Easy Peasy…