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1984 F250 fuel problem

Just replaced my rear gas tank. Drove for a week with no big issues. Started running a little rough just thought it was debri in the fuel line. While it was sitting for a few days fuel was coming out of the carburator. It drained 15 gallons of fuel from the tank. There was pressure building in the tank when I took off the gas cap. Dropped fuel tank and everything seems to be hooked up ok. Put it back now added gas now the truck wont start even using starting fluid. Any Ideas would be greatly appriciated

Try removing the top of the carb, and see if the float is sitting at the bottom of the bowl.


The fuel tank is considerably lower than the carburetor. It’s hard to imagine how 15 gallons of fuel moved up hill but stranger things have happened.

Check the dipstick. The crankcase may be overflowing with fuel and it could explode when attempting to start the engine.

‘‘Rear’’ tank you say ?
Do you have two ?
If the front pump is bad and does not maintain pressure, it allows fuel IN from the rear.
Look to see if thats where your gas went.

The fuel pressure regulator diaphram is another good idea. Check that engine oil for fuel.

If it’s not coughing or sputtering with the use of starting fluid then I would suspect:
No ignition spark.
Lowered compression due to the cylinders being washed down from excessive gasoline.

Depending upon the amount of starting fluid used I have seen several cars that would not start because of the excessive use of ether. It scrubs the cylinder walls, lowers compression into the basement, and the engine won’t fire a lick.

I’d check for spark first and go from there.