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1983 porsche 928s

i was looking at a 928s they said everything work great except the cruise control. they want $10,000 it has 69,000 miles on it. What should you look for with these cars

Large repair bills…at least expect them. You’ll get more info at a Porsche forum, these are very few and far between these days. Great cars, but repairs and maintenance will be $$. Does it have a complete repair and maintenance history?

Here’s one guy’s take

Here’s a couple to compare it to:

Do you have access to parts? Contact your local Porsche dealer and see if they have the cruise control or can order it from the factory. If not, and I suspect not, you will need to buy surplus parts. Do you know where to get them yet?

Parts. They may not be easy to find. :slight_smile:

I know I have a different taste for classics, but if I would drop $10k on an old car for fun, I’d grab the neighbor’s 1927 Model T Tudor that’s in near perfect shape… the Autozone and NAPA down the street both carry parts in stock for it, too…

i just started looking and saw this can see it at thanks for writing back. i read your web site on 928s and found the info great. like i said i just started looking and don’t know about the repair maintenance history. I’ll have to run over to take a look

I’ve always love porsche cars and have just stsrted looking at cars and prices. If i could find something around 10-15k that in good running condition i’d be happy

Have you driven a 928? It’s more of a GT than a sports car, great at high speed cruising. And its 290 hp is not much, compared to many current cars. Just make sure the reality of a 27-year-old car matches what you’re hoping to find…

are 911’s something i should look at, do they have problem year to look out for?

911s are certainly better sports cars, but that makes decent ones expensive to find, they are very popular. I bet if you google ‘porsche 911 buyers guide’ you’ll get lots of info. But $10k may not get you one that doesn’t need lots ($$$) of work.

I think the 928 is a pretty reliable car if “reliable” really applies to a 27 year old car. It is a bit more of a motoring car and not so much a race (good for track day) car. Lots of power, lots of speed, and I sure it handles very well.

As a collectable it is a good car, and should be a fun weekend car. The Porsche 924 and 914’s aren’t quite the cars that the 928 and 911’s are as far as holding their value.

If you buy one you can expect expensive repairs. It would really help to locate a good knowledgeable Porsche mechanic to discuss the car and perhaps do a pre-sale inspection.

$10K and 69K miles sounds like a very good low price. Has the car been stored a long time? Is it running? Something seems a bit off for a low mileage car like this for only $10K?

I’ve owned several 911 and 928 Porsches. As others have commented, the 911 is a sports car and the 928 is a GT cruiser. It all depends upon what you want in a car. I would not call the 928 “fun” to drive on a twisty mountain road. Consider the $10,000 purchase price a down-payment as maintenance will be often and expensive (true of any Porsche).

$10,000 buys a very nice 1997 – 1998 Porsche Boxster with about the same mileage. It’s a modern car (by 15 years), convertible and a blast to drive. But, it’s your money.


The car is over 25 years old and any car this old could be prone to a multitude of problems. Unless a full maintenance history is provided with documentation I would also take any claims of everything works great with a grain of salt.
Never rely on anything a car seller is telling you, no matter if it’s a dealer or an individual.

A thorough inspection by someone who really knows Porsches would be a good first step.
Personally, a Porsche Carrera 4S or some variant is my dream car.

For 10K stick with a domestic like a F body Camaro, great fun to drive and it will probably be on the road a lot more than the Porsche.

Here are some links on purchase/maintenance of a 928. Just bring buckets of money.

Ed B.

Where were you when I was selling my 928…ten large for a '83…Wow…

Do you guys know the joke about the pourcupine and Porsche owners?

Unlimited funds and I would have a 911, and I am a BMW man.