The Chrysler Conquest TSI - yes or no?


I’ve just discovered the Chrysler Conquest TSI and I’m really liking it…looks like a cool, rare car with a Porsche-ish look to it…and sounds like it’s tons of fun to drive. I understand it’s the same thing as a Mitsubishi Starion?

Anyone have an opinion on these cars? I know parts are slightly higher than other cars from that era, but how hard are they to work on, and how reliable are they? Not expecting or looking for Toyota reliability here, of course…this would be a project/weekend car. Mostly concerned with being able to do a lot of work myself.

Thanks for your opinions…



Hemming’s Sports and Exotics magazine did a feature on these cars a few months ago. You should read it.

If I remember correctly, the basic mechanical components are pretty solid. If the car is in good shape, and the mileage is not excessive, it might be a good buy.

Do some research before you spend your money, but I would not say, “No.”


Oh really? I’ll do a search online for the article…thanks!

I figure the trick, then, will be finding one that hasn’t been flogged to death by some boy racer type…


You’re exactly right. That, indeed, is the trick.


Looking on google pictures, it looks more like a Supra from the 80s than a Porsche



price the TURBO.

if you can find the OEM version.


They weren’t very popular when they were new. They are even less popular now. Rarity in used cars is NOT a good thing. If it’s all you can afford, that’s one thing. If not, there are better cars out there.


Well, I like the idea of paying less up front and having more money in the budget for repairs/upgrades/the unknown…

The other options I’m considering is an 80’s Porsche 911 or 928, a Lotus Elan, or a 99-04 Ford Mustang convertible…a mixed bunch, I know.

Why do you say they weren’t popular?


It does have more Supra than Porsche, but I still see a little 944/928 action there.


Lots is a race car. The ride will be harsh. If you don’t mind that, it will be a blast to drive. And you an race it as-is. Enjoy your trips to Road America!


I do understand that you do like these cars, and that it is you money, but why do you want to buy a vehicle that the parts are going to be hard to find and probably expensive. Especially the Porsche 911 and the Lotus Elan.

My opinion


Yes I would love the Lotus…we’ll see if it happens.


It’s not that I want a vehicle with hard to find/expensive parts, but this would not be a daily driver so I can deal with that part. I like “different” cars and would enjoy spending some time working on them and locating parts when needed. I understand it’s not the most cost effective or logical choice and I’m ok with that.


I’d go with a Porsche 928 before a Chrysler Conquest. The upkeep is more, but there is always a market for a used Porsche if you ever decide to sell it. Plus the Porsche looks better.


Sounds like you are handy enough to do your own work, and you don’t want to drive just another Honda Civic that looks just like everything else on the highway.

I say - choose the car that you like the best, the car that you will enjoy washing and waxing and driving.

I don’t share your enthusiasm for the Conquest, but that is part of its appeal. I drive a 20 year old Volvo that my kids think looks like a kitchen appliance.