1983 chevrolet c10 truck

I need to tow a boat with my 1983 Chevrolet C10 truck and cannot find the true towing capacity of this truck. Does anyone know?

No but you can bet it is not so high. These trucks can barely move themselves.

Which engine and transmission? How far are you going and what kind of terrain are you driving over? How big is the boat and what does it weigh? I have used similar trucks for towing, and if it has a 350 four barrel and TH350 or TH400, it should be able to move 5000lbs or so without a problem. The most important things to consider are the structural integrity of a truck this age and the condition of the engine, transmission, and cooling system. Towing is very hard on all of these things, and you don’t want to chance it if the frame is rotting away, or the bumper mounts if you are just putting a ball on the bumper. You may want to have the truck evaluated by a mechanic to determine if it is healthy and sound enough for this kind of use.

Oldschool, you may be thinking of a 1983 S10, not C10. The C10 is a half ton truck and most of them came with a 350 V8 and moved around quite well. The S10 of that era was a true dog and could barely get out of it’s own way.

My mistake I read S-10,yes there is some tow capacity with the C-10.