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Towing capacity question for a 66 chevy C10

Hi I have a 66 chevy C10 and I was wondering what the towing capacity is for those trucks I just got the truck and we will be moving out of state. I’m just want To know because I do not want to leave my civic behind I love both cars the civic weighs roughly 2800-3000 LBS the truck has a aftermarket bumper heavy steel and it has a motor swap from the original 283 to a 350. I can upload pic about the bumper later or send them if you guys want to know more about the truck. Thanks for your time.

Does that truck have 4 wheel drum brakes? They are probably manual brakes too. No air booster?
How good are they?

Pulling should be no problem. Stopping could be sketchy. Better make sure your trailer has good working trailer brakes.

This might be a question that U-Haul could answer assuming you will rent a tow dolly or trailer.

Edit: check on shipping prices for the vehicle.

The first issue: The bumper should have the towing capacity stamped on it. If it doesn’t, I’d be a bit wary about towing a Civic on a trailer that combined weights about 4500 lbs.

Second issue: Brakes… @Propane_Car has the right idea. 4 wheel drums don’t brake very well so stopping 4500 lbs could be a bit sketchy.

Third issue: 350 V8, great, what final drive? What transmission and how is it cooled? If this truck turns about 2800 RPM at 70 with a 2 or 3 speed automatic, you should have enough gear for 4500 lbs. If the transmission cooler is separate from the radiator and at least 6x18 inches, that should be enough cooling for a non-lockup 3 speed automatic. If its just the cooler in the radiator, you’ll need more cooler. If it is a lockup model 4 speed automatic, you may want to tow in 3rd and you can get away with the cooler in the radiator.

I have towed ski boats and farm wagons with 1/2 ton Chevrolets from the mid-late 60s and agree that braking will be the issue. Even with the old 6 cylinder 3 speed manuals loads of 3,000 lbs were no problem to pull but stopping may make you feel like you should open the door and drag your feet. You might have the drums pulled to closely inspect everything before hooking up for the pull and allow yourself time for the luxury of driving at a leisurely pace.

Sorry for the late reply y’all it has 4 wheel disk breaks and a booster and tires with 255 75 r15

It’s 4 on the floor with a granny gear (manual transmission) with 4 wheel disk brakes and 2 wheel drive

Ok then, you’ve got everything but the tow rating of the bumper hitch covered. I’d guess that is a heavy duty truck gearbox with a low enough rear gear to pull a car.


During the 1990’s I had a 1962 C10 that I used to tow cars, trailers and a dune buggy. Those old bumpers aren’t stamped with a tow rating, if the U-Haul employee came out to inspect my bumper they would say that without a rating it is considered a 2000 # tow bumper. Not all U-Haul shops inspected the bumper so if I got turned down at one I would go to a different shop.