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1983 Buick Le Saber Limited

what would make my buick bog down or even shut down the engin when i turn the corner

Simple question. Is there ethanol in the gas that’s been used in the vehicle?


just the limited amount from the gas pump 10% ethanol

old hoses break down with ethanol. sludge accumulates in old gas tanks too, as well as in filters, and the inertia of the turning car can toss the stuff around where ever it is.

Sounds like a float problem. The float valve maintains the level of gas in the carburetor bowl and if it’s too low, when you go around a corner the gas can slosh away from the venturis and the engine gets starved.

I presume this is what Tester was getting at when he asked about the ethanol. Ethanol has been known to do odd things to “newer” carbureted cars that use plasic floats (although the problem I’m more familiar with is when they lose bouyancy and sink, resulting in gas overflowing out of the carb). There are some issues with the different density of ethanol vs. gasoline, but I’m not sure if this is an issue with just a 10% blend.