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1982 Toyota Sunrader experiencing Vapor lock?

I’ve got a 1982 Toyota Sunrader with 75,000 miles on it. It’s a Toyota 22-R 4-cylinder engine with a camper built on the back. I took it on several trips(3-6 hour drives) last year without incident. The last 2 trips I experienced what my neighbor thinks is vapor lock after 4 hours of driving. The first time, I pulled up to a light and the engine died like it ran out of gas. I couldn’t get it to start again, even if I primed the carb. After a few hours, it started right up and made it home without further incident. The second time, the engine died(again like it ran out of gas) and wouldn’t start again. While being towed home (an hour or so after dying) I was able to start it and it ran for about 15 minutes and then died again. After getting it home and letting it sit for several hours, it fired right back up and ran fine.

Am I experiencing “vapor-lock” or could it be something as simple as the fuel filter or fuel pump?

Thanks for the feedback… Camping season is here again and I’d love to head out on the road not worrying that it will die on me again.

Could be vapor lock…Could also be a clogged gas filter, or a faulty fuel pump.