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1982 Chevy C30 starting problem

I have a 1982 Chevy C30 pickup with an ignition problem. When it’s really cold out, 15 degrees or colder, it won’t start. When I turn the key, it feels like I’m turning a piece of clay. There is NO cranking, clicking or any sound made. The accessories won’t work either. The last time this happened, I heated the ignition tumbler with a heat gun and the truck started. It started one time after that. Then on a warm day it started once; then wouldn’t restart. I turn the key and nothing. It had to be towed. I wondering if the problem is the ignition tumbler, where I put the key, or the ignition switch, which is located near the bottom of the steering column.
Any help is appreciated.

What you need is a good independent mechanic. If you are handy with tools then replace the ignition switch since the key switch is working.

I suspect that the ignition lock rack is broken and if so it’s not something for an inexperienced DIYer to jump into.

I think you can remove the ignition switch itself from the rod the key mores to start the truck. Disconnect the switch and try and start it with a screwdriver moving the switch. Sounds like there is a bunch of goo in the switch from your description. The switch is only about $15. You could just buy a new one.