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93 Grand Cherokee, ignition switch?


I have a 93 Grand Cherokee 4WD with the 4.0.

Yesterday, suddenly, it wouldn’t start. When I turn the key, it feels like there’s no resistance when it should be turning over, and there was no ‘click’ under the hood like you usually would hear.

…So, using my lack-of-expertise, I figured (or I suppose you’d say “hoped”) it was the ignition switch. today I bought a new ignition switch. I replaced it, seems like just fine, except when facing the installed assembly, on the bottom right 1 of the 3 torx screws holding it on won’t go all the way in…there is a gap of about 1/8 inch and I tore my bit to shreds trying to get it in.

The issue is that it appears that that particular screw grounds the assembly, as there is a copper surrounding to that screwhole. I’ve tried placing some wire in between them (genius, yes) in a sorry attempt at completing the ground…that didn’t work either.

So I’m here, on Cartalk. Anyone have any advice on where to go next with this?

Thank you,


Well in case anyone did care…it was the lock cylinder.