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1981 Chevy LUV

My Chevy LUV recently runs rough when it is cold. The choke seems to work OK, but I’m not sure. Could it be something electrical? Thanks.

How cold? Is this arctic or San Francisco cold? How does it run when warmed up?

Idaho, but it runs rough when the engine is not warm yet.

Yes, it could be something electical and it could also be carburator related. Or both.

When’s the last time it had a good thorough tuneup with filters?

Since you’re unsure if the choke is operating properly, let me suggest you find a good reputable independent shop. This likely will instantly get beyond your level of exertise and you might save yourself a lot of money and aggrevation by just taking it to someone.

If you do decide to work on it yourself, start with a Haynes manual from the local parts store. Start with a thorough tuneup including the fuel filter.

Post back.

Thank you for the responses. To finish answering the first question: It runs better when it warms up, but it still runs a little rough afterwards.