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Car runs lousy after real cold weather

My Chysler Town and Country started fine on a morning when it was 9 degrees. (no garage, so it was out in the weather.) I let it run for a couple of minutes so things would begin to thaw and then I drove to work. It ran really rough. I figured that once it warmed up, it would smooth out, but it did not. Even after the weather warmed up into the 50’s 5 days later, it still runs rough. Now, I am also getting a check engine light. What could be wrong?

If the Check Engine light is on, you need to have the computer scanned for codes. Some parts store will do this for free.

Until it’s found out what’s causing the Check Engine light to come on it’s anybody’s guess


Agree with Tester. If it’s a Chrysler vehicle, you should be able to do the “key dance” Without starting the vehicle, quickly turn the ignition on-off-on-off-on. The stored trouble codes should either be displayed on the dash or blink out on the check engine light.

One thing that couldn’t hurt in this weather is to get a can of “dry gas” or “Heet” or similar product that removes moisture from your gas tank and dump it in. If you’re in the habit of letting your tank run very low or dumping only a few bucks in it at a time, you may have gotten some condensation that has frozen.

After you get the codes read, post them here and we’ll try to help.
Also post the car’s year, mileage, and maintenance history (is anything overdue) so we know what we’re dealing with,.