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i have a 1987 lincoln town car 302, v-8. on any kind of day cold, rain etc. (this just started a few weeks ago) when i start down the street& press on the gas i get a chattering – in others words it"s not smooth .but if i let it warm up for a while it runs fine? i talked to the autozone guy he said it could be the coolant sensor so i changed that but no luck.is there anything you guys can think of that relates to this problem& where to locate it? the car runs great after a couple miles down the road. when the weather warms up in a couple of months i don"t know if there will be a change. thanks guys


Try the 5.0 L forum at wwww.crownvic.net


Do you mean that it runs rough like it is not firing on all eight of the cylinders? How long has it been since you replaced the plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor and any thing else involved in a tune up? These pieces are the most common reasons for rough running when cold.


thanks i"m looking at it to see if i can fine same problem i have


yes! it feels like that for a couple of miles. then it is fine. and for the rest of the day it"s fine. if i let it warm up in the morning – say 5-mins, no problem with the chattering, or the rest of the day. i will if i have to bring it to my mechanic so i won"t be chasing changing everything. can:T wait for a warm day up north to see if it acts o.k. thanks for the help. hope my response helps also


One of the most common causes of misfiring when cold (rough running) is worn plugs and plug wires. The gap on the plugs have increased to the point that the spark is too weak to ignite the fuel mix until the engine warms up enough to increase the amount of air in the mix.