Driveways and malfunctioning horns

Regarding two shows…

#1207: Washer Fluid Dynamics
Air Date: 02/18/12
Are you guys really hurting for stories that you actually put on the air the “horrendous” problem of a woman whose car scrapes when she turns into her driveway? Seriously? She seems to be one of the millions of geniuses who shouldn’t be behind the wheel in the first place. To waste her own time, not to mention yours, simply because she can’t figure out that the angle is too sharp for a smooth entry? Come on. Any kid with a bike could figure that out. Watch a kid build a ramp. If the ramp is too steep, they level it out. That’s about as simple as it gets. Our neighborhood was built in the 1970s and everyone with a steep driveway or a large hump of a curb has, at one time or another, had problems with their cars scraping. And each one has had the pavers come in and even things out (at minimal cost). No more problem. The lady in your show just doesn’t have any common sense. But, then again, as the expression goes… “common sense isn’t actually that common”. Let me guess, her next question for you (which you will probably air as the lead caller) is why the ignition key won’t start the car when you turn it in the door lock. It fits, right? It should work. After all, it’s the ignition key! LOL! :wink:
Put on something that’s actually interesting… (see below)

#1208: The Elvis Idle
Air Date: 02/25/12
Instead of addressing the earth shattering issue of a car scraping on the driveway, let’s put something interesting on the air, like going a little farther with the answer you gave to the guy in the Volvo whose bass horn wasn’t working. You said one of the two horns might be faulty and suggested it might need to be replaced. Well, I have a similar problem with my '94 Land Rover Defender. I only get the prissy horn. AND, I’ve replaced both horns. Both the old and the new horns work well when wired independently. But when used together, only one will work. I can change the wiring around and get one or the other to work, but not both. I can change the wiring around in a different manner and both horns will blow with a muted sound. I’ve tried changing the wiring around by moving the spade connectors into different positions, switching out the placement of the horns, etc. No dice. I’ve even taken the vehicle into the shop to see what is wrong. They think it might be that there isn’t enough power to produce sound out of both horns. What do you want to bet that your Volvo guy will find that he has a similar problem?

The thing I noticed about the car that scraped was the amount of emphasis placed on what city the driveway was located. She said “Bakersfield, California” several times, maybe 4 or 5 times in that one single call. And she never said just “Bakersfield”. It was always “Bakersfield, California”. I’ve been thinking ever since I heard that call last week, trying to figure out what exactly is so important about Bakersfield California that just being in this city could cause a car to scrape? Does Bakersfield, Calif have some kind of extra gravity there that causes the car to sling a little lower? If it was Bakersfield, Florida, would things be different? This is really puzzling to me.

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