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1979 Monte Carlo with squeaky wheels

The wheels make a pretty decent amount of squeaking noise when the car is driving but the noise stops when the breaks are put on. Any ideas? Thank you.

Are hubcaps involved?

Are they steel wheels with center caps? The center caps on on my Dad’s 78 Cutlass used to do this, took me forever to figure it out. Take the center caps off to see if it makes a difference.

If the noise goes away when the brakes are applied, that is a clue that this could simply be a case of brake pads that need to be replaced. The wear indicators on brake pads will make a chirping or squeeking noise as you drive along, and they will silence themselves when you apply the brakes

However, this scenario presumes that you have disc brakes on this '79 Monte Carlo.
Are they discs?
And, if so, how long ago did you last have the brake pads checked for wear?

Before you wind up in a situation where you have no brakes, I would suggest that you have this checked out. If you don’t, you might break something.