Brakes squeaking, but stop when applied

Hello! I have a 2007 Chevy HHR. A couple of weeks ago I had to change the caliper on the driver’s side of the car. I had some squeaking after, but bled the brakes and the squeaking went away. The other day I took the caliper off and painted it. I have custom wheels and you can see the caliper plainly, it was rusted so I painted it. Now I am getting the squeaking again, but it stops when I apply the brakes. I bled them again, but still the squeaking. This is driving me crazy. Could it be the “chirper” that is dragging on the rotor? Thanks for any advice and help.

Also I want to add, it squeaks until I get up to about 45 mph. Then it stops. And as I said, it stops when I apply the brakes.

Sorry, I also want to add that the pads are new as well. I changed them when I changed the caliper. Also greased everything, caliper pins, caliper piston, etc. Thanks again.

It’s probably the brand of brake pad you are using. Some are noisy, especially the parts store ‘house’ brands.

Replace brake pads with NAPA Adaptive one. Be sure no brake hardware is missing. Examine the rotors for marks indicating something is hitting the rotor like a shim from the brake pad or brake pad resting point.

Did you use new rotors or turn the old ones?

Since it stops when you apply the brakes, I’m going to suggest checking the wear indicators (the little metal feelers) for proper adjustment.

Did you apply brake grease to the back of the pads? That usually takes care of it.