1979 Dodge Pickup Distributor Won't Come Out

I have a '79 D100 that needs a new distributor. I’ve removed the two necessary bolts that I know of. I’ve tried to twist it, and will will barely turn. I’ve tried to pry it up. I’ve loosened a few bolts in the area to see if that relieved pressure. I’ve degreased the area and sprayed WD40 at the base of it and still nothing. Any advice other than sell the truck ‘as is’?

You must be patient and pump light oil under the flange while twisting, pulling and pushing on the distributor. Impatience can be very costly.

You might get a mirror and look under the distributor first just to be certain you have it released. The bolt/brace is a very simple and logical way to secure the distributor and I don’t recall any Dodge engines with 2 hold down bolts on the distributor.

It’s a simple one bolt clamp…Spray some “Blaster” down in there and rotate the distributor back and forth to loosen it up until you can lift it out…